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"Yes, madame. You are playing at loto, aunt," he added. "Do not let meinterrupt you, I beg; go on with your game: it is too amusing toleave."

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"I was certain it was the cousin," thought Madame des Grassins,casting repeated glances at him. advantages of human hair wigs

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"Forty-seven!" cried the old abbe. "Mark it down, Madame des Grassins.Isn't that your number?" disadvantages of human hair wigs

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Monsieur des Grassins put a counter on his wife's card, who satwatching first the cousin from Paris and then Eugenie, withoutthinking of her loto, a prey to mournful presentiments. From time totime the young the heiress glanced furtively at her cousin, and thebanker's wife easily detected a /crescendo/ of surprise and curiosityin her mind.

Monsieur Charles Grandet, a handsome young man of twenty-two,presented at this moment a singular contrast to the worthyprovincials, who, considerably disgusted by his aristocratic manners,were all studying him with sarcastic intent. This needs anexplanation. At twenty-two, young people are still so near childhoodthat they often conduct themselves childishly. In all probability, outof every hundred of them fully ninety-nine would have behavedprecisely as Monsieur Charles Grandet was now behaving.

Some days earlier than this his father had told him to go and spendseveral months with his uncle at Saumur. Perhaps Monsieur Grandet wasthinking of Eugenie. Charles, sent for the first time in his life intothe provinces, took a fancy to make his appearance with thesuperiority of a man of fashion, to reduce the whole arrondissement todespair by his luxury, and to make his visit an epoch, importing intothose country regions all the refinements of Parisian life. In short,to explain it in one word, he mean to pass more time at Saumur inbrushing his nails than he ever thought of doing in Paris, and toassume the extra nicety and elegance of dress which a young man offashion often lays aside for a certain negligence which in itself isnot devoid of grace. Charles therefore brought with him a completehunting-costume, the finest gun, the best hunting-knife in theprettiest sheath to be found in all Paris. He brought his wholecollection of waistcoats. They were of all kinds,,gray, black, white,scarabaeus-colored: some were shot with gold, some spangled, some/chined/; some were double-breasted and crossed like a shawl, otherswere straight in the collar; some had turned-over collars, somebuttoned up to the top with gilt buttons. He brought every variety ofcollar and cravat in fashion at that epoch. He brought two ofBuisson's coats and all his finest linen He brought his pretty goldtoilet-set,,a present from his mother. He brought all his dandyknick-knacks, not forgetting a ravishing little desk presented to himby the most amiable of women,,amiable for him, at least,,a fine ladywhom he called Annette and who at this moment was travelling,matrimonially and wearily, in Scotland, a victim to certain suspicionswhich required a passing sacrifice of happiness; in the desk was muchpretty note-paper on which to write to her once a fortnight.In short, it was as complete a cargo of Parisian frivolities as it waspossible for him to get together,,a collection of all the implementsof husbandry with which the youth of leisure tills his life, from thelittle whip which helps to begin a duel, to the handsomely chasedpistols which end it. His father having told him to travel alone andmodestly, he had taken the coupe of the diligence all to himself,rather pleased at not having to damage a delightful travelling-carriage ordered for a journey on which he was to meet his Annette,the great lady who, etc.,,whom he intended to rejoin at Baden in thefollowing June. Charles expected to meet scores of people at hisuncle's house, to hunt in his uncle's forests,,to live, in short, theusual chateau life; he did not know that his uncle was in Saumur, andhad only inquired about him incidentally when asking the way toFroidfond. Hearing that he was in town, he supposed that he shouldfind him in a suitable mansion.

In order that he might make a becoming first appearance before hisuncle either at Saumur or at Froidfond, he had put on his most eleganttravelling attire, simple yet exquisite,,"adorable," to use the wordwhich in those days summed up the special perfections of a man or athing. At Tours a hairdresser had re-curled his beautiful chestnutlocks; there he changed his linen and put on a black satin cravat,which, combined with a round shirt-collar, framed his fair and smilingcountenance agreeably. A travelling great-coat, only half buttoned up,nipped in his waist and disclosed a cashmere waistcoat crossed infront, beneath which was another waistcoat of white material. Hiswatch, negligently slipped into a pocket, was fastened by a short goldchain to a buttonhole. His gray trousers, buttoned up at the sides,were set off at the seams with patterns of black silk embroidery. Hegracefully twirled a cane, whose chased gold knob did not mar thefreshness of his gray gloves. And to complete all, his cap was inexcellent taste. None but a Parisian, and a Parisian of the upperspheres, could thus array himself without appearing ridiculous; noneother could give the harmony of self-conceit to all these fopperies,which were carried off, however, with a dashing air,,the air of ayoung man who has fine pistols, a sure aim, and Annette.

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