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The corridors of the Court were already full of activity. Theattendants hurried, out of breath, dragging their feet along theground without lifting them, backwards and forwards, with allsorts of messages and papers. Ushers, advocates, and law officerspassed hither and thither. Plaintiffs, and those of the accusedwho were not guarded, wandered sadly along the walls or satwaiting. shake-n-go human hair wigs

"Where is the Law Court?" Nekhludoff asked of an attendant.

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"Which? There is the Civil Court and the Criminal Court." disadvantages of human hair wigs include

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"I am on the jury."

"The Criminal Court you should have said. Here to the right, thento the left,the second door."

Nekhludoff followed the direction.

Meanwhile some of the Criminal Court jurymen who were late hadhurriedly passed into a separate room. At the door mentioned twomen stood waiting.

One, a tall, fat merchant, a kind-hearted fellow, had evidentlypartaken of some refreshments and a glass of something, and wasin most pleasant spirits. The other was a shopman of Jewishextraction. They were talking about the price of wool whenNekhludoff came up and asked them if this was the jurymen's room.

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