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The Cruchots, Madame des Grassins, and her son arrived at the usualhour of eight, and were surprised to see neither Madame Grandet norher daughter.

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"My wife is not very well, and Eugenie is with her," said the oldwine-grower, whose face betrayed no emotion. advantages of human hair wigs

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At the end of an hour spent in idle conversation, Madame des Grassins,who had gone up to see Madame Grandet, came down, and every oneinquired,, care of human hair wigs

"How is Madame Grandet?" human hair wigs next day delivery

"Not at all well," she answered; "her condition seems to me reallyalarming. At her age you ought to take every precaution, PapaGrandet."

"We'll see about it," said the old man in an absent way.

They all wished him good-night. When the Cruchots got into the streetMadame des Grassins said to them,,

"There is something going on at the Grandets. The mother is very illwithout her knowing it. The girl's eyes are red, as if she had beencrying all day. Can they be trying to marry her against her will?"*****

When Grandet had gone to bed Nanon came softly to Eugenie's room inher stockinged feet and showed her a pate baked in a saucepan."See, mademoiselle," said the good soul, "Cornoiller gave me a hare.You eat so little that this pate will last you full a week; in suchfrosty weather it won't spoil. You sha'n't live on dry bread, I'mdetermined; it isn't wholesome."

"Poor Nanon!" said Eugenie, pressing her hand.

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