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"You see before you, gentlemen of the jury, a crimecharacteristic, if I may so express myself, of the end of ourcentury; bearing, so to say, the specific features of that verypainful phenomenon, the corruption to which those elements of ourpresent-day society, which are, so to say, particularly exposedto the burning rays of this process, are subject." human hair wigs new orleans

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The public prosecutor spoke at great length, trying not to forgetany of the notions he had formed in his mind, and, on the otherhand, never to hesitate, and let his speech flow on for an hourand a quarter without a break. human hair wigs ombre

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Only once he stopped and for some time stood swallowing hissaliva, but he soon mastered himself and made up for theinterruption by heightened eloquence. He spoke, now with atender, insinuating accent, stepping from foot to foot andlooking at the jury, now in quiet, business-like tones, glancinginto his notebook, then with a loud, accusing voice, looking fromthe audience to the advocates. But he avoided looking at theprisoners, who were all three fixedly gazing at him. Every newcraze then in vogue among his set was alluded to in his speech;everything that then was, and some things that still are,considered to be the last words of scientific wisdom: the laws ofheredity and inborn criminality, evolution and the struggle forexistence, hypnotism and hypnotic influence.

According to his definition, the merchant Smelkoff was of thegenuine Russian type, and had perished in consequence of hisgenerous, trusting nature, having fallen into the hands of deeplydegraded individuals.

Simeon Kartinkin was the atavistic production of serfdom, astupefied, ignorant, unprincipled man, who had not even anyreligion. Euphemia was his mistress, and a victim of heredity;all the signs of degeneration were noticeable in her. The chiefwire-puller in this affair was Maslova, presenting the phenomenonof decadence in its lowest form. "This woman," he said, lookingat her, "has, as we have to-day heard from her mistress in thiscourt, received an education; she cannot only read and write, butshe knows French; she is illegitimate, and probably carries inher the germs of criminality. She was educated in an enlightened,noble family and might have lived by honest work, but she desertsher benefactress, gives herself up to a life of shame in whichshe is distinguished from her companions by her education, andchiefly, gentlemen of the jury, as you have heard from hermistress, by her power of acting on the visitors by means of thatmysterious capacity lately investigated by science, especially bythe school of Charcot, known by the name of hypnotic influence.By these means she gets hold of this Russian, this kind-heartedSadko, [Sadko, the hero of a legend] the rich guest, and uses histrust in order first to rob and then pitilessly to murder him."

"Well, he is piling it on now, isn't he?" said the president witha smile, bending towards the serious member.

"A fearful blockhead!" said the serious member.

Meanwhile the public prosecutor went on with his speech."Gentlemen of the jury," gracefully swaying his body, "the fateof society is to a certain extent in your power. Your verdictwill influence it. Grasp the full meaning of this crime, thedanger that awaits society from those whom I may perhaps bepermitted to call pathological individuals, such as Maslova.Guard it from infection; guard the innocent and strong elementsof society from contagion or even destruction."

And as if himself overcome by the significance of the expectedverdict, the public prosecutor sank into his chair, highlydelighted with his speech.

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