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The president was whispering to the member on his left, but, inorder to appear as if he had heard, he repeated her last words.

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"So you went. Well, what next?" human hair wigs new orleans

"I went, and did all he told me; went into his room. I did not goalone, but called Simeon Kartinkin and her," she said, pointingto Botchkova.

"That's a lie; I never went in," Botchkova began, but wasstopped. human hair wigs new jersey

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"In their presence I took out four notes," continued Maslova,frowning, without looking at Botchkova. human hair wigs new york city

"Yes, but did the prisoner notice," again asked the prosecutor,"how much money there was when she was getting out the 40roubles?"

Maslova shuddered when the prosecutor addressed her; she did notknow why it was, but she felt that he wished her evil.

"I did not count it, but only saw some 100-rouble notes."

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