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WHEN Nekhludoff had finished his coffee, he went to his study tolook at the summons, and find out what time he was to appear atthe court, before writing his answer to the princess. Passingthrough his studio, where a few studies hung on the walls and,facing the easel, stood an unfinished picture, a feeling ofinability to advance in art, a sense of his incapacity, came overhim. He had often had this feeling, of late, and explained it byhis too finely-developed aesthetic taste; still, the feeling wasa very unpleasant one. Seven years before this he had given upmilitary service, feeling sure that he had a talent for art, andhad looked down with some disdain at all other activity from theheight of his artistic standpoint. And now it turned out that hehad no right to do so, and therefore everything that reminded himof all this was unpleasant. He looked at the luxurious fittingsof the studio with a heavy heart, and it was in no cheerful moodthat he entered his study, a large, lofty room fitted up with aview to comfort, convenience, and elegant appearance. He foundthe summons at once in a pigeon hole, labelled "immediate," ofhis large writing table. He had to appear at the court at 11o'clock. wet n wavy human hair wigs

Nekhludoff sat down to write a note in reply to the princess,thanking her for the invitation, and promising to try and come todinner. Having written one note, he tore it up, as it seemed toointimate. He wrote another, but it was too cold; he feared itmight give offence, so he tore it up, too. He pressed the buttonof an electric bell, and his servant, an elderly, morose-lookingman, with whiskers and shaved chin and lip, wearing a grey cottonapron, entered at the door.

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