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"That is an inviolable secret," she answered. "Have you no secrets?""I am the head of the family; I have my own affairs."

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"And this is mine." human hair wigs ombre

"It must be something bad if you can't tell it to your father,Mademoiselle Grandet." human hair wigs overnight shipping

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"It is good, and I cannot tell it to my father."

"At least you can tell me when you parted with your gold?"Eugenie made a negative motion with her head.

"You had it on your birthday, hein?" human hair wigs new orleans

She grew as crafty through love as her father was through avarice, andreiterated the negative sign.

"Was there ever such obstinacy! It's a theft," cried Grandet, hisvoice going up in a crescendo which gradually echoed through thehouse. "What! here, in my own home, under my very eyes, somebody hastaken your gold!,the only gold we have!,and I'm not to know who hasgot it! Gold is a precious thing. Virtuous girls go wrong sometimes,and give,I don't know what; they do it among the great people, andeven among the bourgeoisie. But give their gold!,for you have givenit to some one, hein?,"

Eugenie was silent and impassive.

"Was there ever such a daughter? Is it possible that I am your father?If you have invested it anywhere, you must have a receipt,""Was I free,yes or no,to do what I would with my own? Was it notmine?"

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