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"How true," she said in reference to some remark of Kolosoff's,touching the button of an electric bell by the side of her couch.The doctor rose, and, like one who is at home, left the roomwithout saying anything. Sophia Vasilievna followed him with hereyes and continued the conversation. estetica wigs

"Please, Philip, draw these curtains," she said, pointing to thewindow, when the handsome footman came in answer to the bell."No; whatever you may say, there is some mysticism in him;without mysticism there can be no poetry," she said, with one ofher black eyes angrily following the footman's movements as hewas drawing the curtains. "Without poetry, mysticism issuperstition; without mysticism, poetry is,prose," shecontinued, with a sorrowful smile, still not losing sight of thefootman and the curtains. "Philip, not that curtain; the one onthe large window," she exclaimed, in a suffering tone. SophiaVasilievna was evidently pitying herself for having to make theeffort of saying these words; and, to soothe her feelings, sheraised to her lips a scented, smoking cigarette with her jewel-bedecked fingers.

The broad-chested, muscular, handsome Philip bowed slightly, asif begging pardon; and stepping lightly across the carpet withhis broad-calved, strong, legs, obediently and silently went tothe other window, and, looking at the princess, carefully beganto arrange the curtain so that not a single ray dared fall onher. But again he did not satisfy her, and again she had tointerrupt the conversation about mysticism, and correct in amartyred tone the unintelligent Philip, who was tormenting her sopitilessly. For a moment a light flashed in Philip's eyes. wigtypes website reviews

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