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3. The body was of a swollen appearance.


4. The flesh was of a greenish colour, with dark spots in severalplaces.

5. The skin was raised in blisters of different sizes and inplaces had come off in large pieces.

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6. The hair was chestnut; it was thick, and separated easily fromthe skin when touched. wiggle


7. The eye-balls protruded from their sockets and the cornea hadgrown dim. real hair wigs

8. Out of the nostrils, both ears, and the mouth oozed serousliquid; the mouth was half open.

9. The neck had almost disappeared, owing to the swelling of theface and chest."

And so on and so on.

Four pages were covered with the 27 paragraphs describing all thedetails of the external examination of the enormous, fat,swollen, and decomposing body of the merchant who had been makingmerry in the town. The indefinite loathing that Nekhludoff feltwas increased by the description of the corpse. Katusha's life,and the scrum oozing from the nostrils of the corpse, and theeyes that protruded out of their sockets, and his own treatmentof her,all seemed to belong to the same order of things, and hefelt surrounded and wholly absorbed by things of the same nature.

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