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The door behind the grating was instantly opened, and twogendarmes, with caps on their heads, and holding naked swords intheir hands, came in, followed by the prisoners, a red-haired,freckled man, and two women. The man wore a prison cloak, whichwas too long and too wide for him. He stuck out his thumbs, andheld his arms close to his sides, thus keeping the sleeves, whichwere also too long, from slipping over his hands. Without lookingat the judges he gazed steadfastly at the form, and passing tothe other side of it, he sat down carefully at the very edge,leaving plenty of room for the others. He fixed his eyes on thepresident, and began moving the muscles of his cheeks, as ifwhispering something. The woman who came next was also dressed ina prison cloak, and had a prison kerchief round her head. She hada sallow complexion, no eyebrows or lashes, and very red eyes.This woman appeared perfectly calm. Having caught her cloakagainst something, she detached it carefully, without any haste,and sat down. human hair wigs korea

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The third prisoner was Maslova.

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As soon as she appeared, the eyes of all the men in the courtturned her way, and remained fixed on her white face, hersparklingly-brilliant black eyes and the swelling bosom under theprison cloak. Even the gendarme whom she passed on her way to herseat looked at her fixedly till she sat down, and then, as iffeeling guilty, hurriedly turned away, shook himself, and beganstaring at the window in front of him. human hair wigs korea

The president paused until the prisoners had taken their seats,and when Maslova was seated, turned to the secretary. human hair wigs kansas city mo

Then the usual procedure commenced; the counting of the jury,remarks about those who had not come, the fixing of the fines tobe exacted from them, the decisions concerning those who claimedexemption, the appointing of reserve jurymen.

Having folded up some bits of paper and put them in one of theglass vases, the president turned up the gold-embroidered cuffsof his uniform a little way, and began drawing the lots, one byone, and opening them. Nekhludoff was among the jurymen thusdrawn. Then, having let down his sleeves, the president requestedthe priest to swear in the jury.

The old priest, with his puffy, red face, his brown gown, and hisgold cross and little order, laboriously moving his stiff legs,came up to the lectern beneath the icon.

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