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"Are you capable of doing it, Eugenie?" he said. human hair wigs kuala lumpur

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"Yes, yes!" said the mother. human hair wigs long curly

"She'll do it if she says so!" cried Nanon. "Be reasonable, monsieur,for once in your life."

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The old man looked at the gold and then at his daughter alternatelyfor an instant. Madame Grandet fainted.

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"There! don't you see, monsieur, that madame is dying?" cried Nanon."Come, come, my daughter, we won't quarrel for a box! Here, take it!"he cried hastily, flinging the case upon the bed. "Nanon, go and fetchMonsieur Bergerin! Come, mother," said he, kissing his wife's hand,"it's all over! There! we've made up,haven't we, little one? No moredry bread; you shall have all you want,Ah, she opens her eyes! Well,mother, little mother, come! See, I'm kissing Eugenie! She loves hercousin, and she may marry him if she wants to; she may keep his case.But don't die, mother; live a long time yet, my poor wife! Come, tryto move! Listen! you shall have the finest altar that ever was made inSaumur."

"Oh, how can you treat your wife and daughter so!" said Madame Grandetin a feeble voice.

"I won't do so again, never again," cried her husband; "you shall see,my poor wife!" He went to his inner room and returned with a handfulof louis, which he scattered on the bed. "Here, Eugenie! see, wife!all these are for you," he said, fingering the coins. "Come, be happy,wife! feel better, get well; you sha'n't want for anything, norEugenie either. Here's a hundred /louis d'or/ for her. You won't givethese away, will you, Eugenie, hein?"

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