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2. The whole day and night preceding his death the said Smelkoffspent with Lubka (alias Katerina Maslova) at her home and in thelodging-house Mauritania, which she also visited at the saidSmelkoff's request during his absence, to get some money, whichshe took out of his portmanteau in the presence of the servantsof the lodging-house Mauritania, Euphemia Botchkova and SimeonKartinkin, with a key given her by the said Smelkoff. In theportmanteau opened by the said Maslova, the said Botchkova andKartinkin saw packets of 100-rouble bank-notes. wigs for kids

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3. On the said Smelkoff's return to the lodging-house Mauritania,together with Lubka, the latter, in accordance with the attendantKartinkin's advice, gave the said Smelkoff some white powdergiven to her by the said Kartinkin, dissolved in brandy.

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4. The next morning the said Lubka (alias Katerina Maslova) soldto her mistress, the witness Kitaeva, a brothel-keeper, a diamondring given to her, as she alleged, by the said Smelkoff.

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5. The housemaid of the lodging-house Mauritania, EuphemiaBotchkova, placed to her account in the local Commercial Bank1,800 roubles. The postmortem examination of the body of the saidSmelkoff and the chemical analysis of his intestines provedbeyond doubt the presence of poison in the organism, so thatthere is reason to believe that the said Smelkoff's death wascaused by poisoning. wigwam

When cross-examined, the accused, Maslova, Botchkova, andKartinkin, pleaded not guilty, deposing,Maslova, that she hadreally been sent by Smelkoff from the brothel, where she "works,"as she expresses it, to the lodging-house Mauritania to get themerchant some money, and that, having unlocked the portmanteauwith a key given her by the merchant, she took out 40 roubles, asshe was told to do, and that she had taken nothing more; thatBotchkova and Kartinkin, in whose presence she unlocked andlocked the portmanteau, could testify to the truth of thestatement.

She gave this further evidence,that when she came to thelodging-house for the second time she did, at the instigation ofSimeon Kartinkin, give Smelkoff sonic kind of powder, which shethought was a narcotic, in a glass of brandy, hoping he wouldfall asleep and that she would be able to get away from him; andthat Smelkoff, having beaten her, himself gave her the ring whenshe cried and threatened to go away.

The accused, Euphemia Botchkova, stated that she knew nothingabout the missing money, that she had not even gone intoSmelkoff's room, but that Lubka had been busy there all byherself; that if anything had been stolen, it must have been doneby Lubka when she came with the merchant's key to get his money.

At this point Maslova gave a start, opened her mouth, and lookedat Botchkova. "When," continued the secretary," the receipt for1,800 roubles from the bank was shown to Botchkova, and she wasasked where she had obtained the money, she said that it was herown earnings for 12 years, and those of Simeon, whom she wasgoing to marry. The accused Simeon Kartinkin, when firstexamined, confessed that he and Botchkova, at the instigation ofMaslova, who had come with the key from the brothel, had stolenthe money and divided it equally among themselves and Maslova.Here Maslova again started, half-rose from her seat, and,blushing scarlet, began to say something, but was stopped by theusher. "At last," the secretary continued, reading, "Kartinkinconfessed also that he had supplied the powders in order to getSmelkoff to sleep. When examined the second time he denied havinghad anything to do with the stealing of the money or givingMaslova the powders, accusing her of having done it alone."Concerning the money placed in the bank by Botchkova, he said thesame as she, that is, that the money was given to them both bythe lodgers in tips during 12 years' service.

The indictment concluded as follows:

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