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"I know, it's all the vodka. Wait a bit; I'll tell the inspectortomorrow. He'll give it you. Can't I smell it? Mind, get it allout of the way, or it will be the worse for you," said thewarder. "We've no time to settle your disputes. Get to yourplaces and be quiet."

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But quiet was not soon re-established. For a long time the womenwent on disputing and explaining to one another whose fault itall was. At last the warder and the jailer left the cell, thewomen grew quieter and began going to bed, and the old woman wentto the icon and commenced praying. human hair wigs kijiji

"The two jailbirds have met," the red-haired woman suddenlycalled out in a hoarse voice from the other end of the shelfbeds, accompanying every word with frightfully vile abuse.

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