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"It is not very polite, but I can't write; no matter, I shall seeher today," thought Nekhludoff, and went to get his overcoat. human hair wigs kitchener

When he came out of the house, an isvostchik he knew, withindia-rubber tires to his trap, was at the door waiting for him."You had hardly gone away from Prince Korchagin's yesterday," hesaid, turning half round, "when I drove up, and the Swiss at thedoor says, 'just gone.'" The isvostchik knew that Nekhludoffvisited at the Korchagins, and called there on the chance ofbeing engaged by him. human hair wigs kenya

"Even the isvostchiks know of my relations with the Korchagins,"thought Nekhludoff, and again the question whether he should notmarry Princess Korchagin presented itself to him, and he couldnot decide it either way, any more than most of the questionsthat arose in his mind at this time. human hair jesus wig

It was in favour of marriage in general, that besides thecomforts of hearth and home, it made a moral life possible, andchiefly that a family would, so Nekhludoff thought, give an aimto his now empty life.

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Against marriage in general was the fear, common to bachelorspast their first youth, of losing freedom, and an unconscious awebefore this mysterious creature, a woman.

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In this particular case, in favour of marrying Missy (her namewas Mary, but, as is usual among a certain set, a nickname hadbeen given her) was that she came of good family, and differed ineverything, manner of speaking, walking, laughing, from thecommon people, not by anything exceptional, but by her "goodbreeding",he could find no other term for this quality, thoughhe prized it very highly,-and, besides, she thought more of himthan of anybody else, therefore evidently understood him. Thisunderstanding of him, i.e., the recognition of his superiormerits, was to Nekhludoff a proof of her good sense and correctjudgment. Against marrying Missy in particular, was, that in alllikelihood, a girl with even higher qualities could be found,that she was already 27, and that he was hardly her first love.This last idea was painful to him. His pride would not reconcileitself with the thought that she had loved some one else, even inthe past. Of course, she could not have known that she shouldmeet him, but the thought that she was capable of loving anotheroffended him. So that he had as many reasons for marrying asagainst it; at any rate, they weighed equally with Nekhludoff,who laughed at himself, and called himself the ass of the fable,remaining like that animal undecided which haycock to turn to.

"At any rate, before I get an answer from Mary Vasilievna (themarechal's wife), and finish completely with her, I can donothing," he said to himself. And the conviction that he might,and was even obliged, to delay his decision, was comforting."Well, I shall consider all that later on," he said to himself,as the trap drove silently along the asphalt pavement up to thedoors of the Court.

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