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Eugenie, who was gazing at the sublime scenery of the Loire, andpaying no attention to her father's reckonings, presently turned anear to the remarks of Cruchot when she heard him say,, human hair wigs kansas city mo

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"So you have brought a son-in-law from Paris. All Saumur is talkingabout your nephew. I shall soon have the marriage-contract to draw up,hey! Pere Grandet?" human hair wigs in los angeles

"You g-g-got up very early to t-t-tell me that," said Grandet,accompanying the remark with a motion of his wen. "Well, oldc-c-comrade, I'll be frank, and t-t-tell you what you want t-t-toknow. I would rather, do you see, f-f-fling my daughter into the Loirethan g-g-give her to her c-c-cousin. You may t-t-tell that everywhere,,no, never mind; let the world t-t-talk."

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