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Such is the history of Eugenie Grandet, who is in the world but not ofit; who, created to be supremely a wife and mother, has neitherhusband nor children nor family. Lately there has been some questionof her marrying again. The Saumur people talk of her and of theMarquis de Froidfond, whose family are beginning to beset the richwidow just as, in former days, the Cruchots laid siege to the richheiress. Nanon and Cornoiller are, it is said, in the interests of themarquis. Nothing could be more false. Neither la Grande Nanon norCornoiller has sufficient mind to understand the corruptions of theworld.

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Though hundreds of thousands had done their very best todisfigure the small piece of land on which they were crowdedtogether, by paying the ground with stones, scraping away everyvestige of vegetation, cutting down the trees, turning away birdsand beasts, and filling the air with the smoke of naphtha andcoal, still spring was spring, even in the town. wight

The sun shone warm, the air was balmy; everywhere, where it didnot get scraped away, the grass revived and sprang up between thepaving-stones as well as on the narrow strips of lawn on theboulevards. The birches, the poplars, and the wild cherryunfolded their gummy and fragrant leaves, the limes wereexpanding their opening buds; crows, sparrows, and pigeons,filled with the joy of spring, were getting their nests ready;the flies were buzzing along the walls, warmed by the sunshine.All were glad, the plants, the birds, the insects, and thechildren. But men, grown-up men and women, did not leave offcheating and tormenting themselves and each other. It was notthis spring morning men thought sacred and worthy ofconsideration not the beauty of God's world, given for a joy toall creatures, this beauty which inclines the heart to peace, toharmony, and to love, but only their own devices for enslavingone another.

Thus, in the prison office of the Government town, it was not thefact that men and animals had received the grace and gladness ofspring that was considered sacred and important, but that anotice, numbered and with a superscription, had come the daybefore, ordering that on this 28th day of April, at 9 a.m., threeprisoners at present detained in the prison, a man and two women(one of these women, as the chief criminal, to be conductedseparately), had to appear at Court. So now, on the 28th ofApril, at 8 o'clock, a jailer and soon after him a woman warderwith curly grey hair, dressed in a jacket with sleeves trimmedwith gold, with a blue-edged belt round her waist, and having alook of suffering on her face, came into the corridor. wight

"You want Maslova?" she asked, coming up to the cell with thejailer who was on duty.

The jailer, rattling the iron padlock, opened the door of thecell, from which there came a whiff of air fouler even than thatin the corridor, and called out, "Maslova! to the Court," andclosed the door again.

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