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"She has no father!" said the old man. "Can it be you and I, MadameGrandet, who have given birth to such a disobedient child? A fineeducation,,religious, too! Well! why are you not in your chamber?Come, to prison, to prison, mademoiselle!" human hair jesus wig

"Would you deprive me of my daughter, monsieur?" said Madame Grandet,turning towards him a face that was now red with fever.

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"If you want to keep her, carry her off! Clear out,out of my house,both of you! Thunder! where is the gold? what's become of the gold?"Eugenie rose, looked proudly at her father, and withdrew to her room.Grandet turned the key of the door. human hair wigs in los angeles

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"Nanon," he cried, "put out the fire in the hall." jessie j human hair wig

Then he sat down in an armchair beside his wife's fire and said toher,,

"Undoubtedly she has given the gold to that miserable seducer,Charles, who only wanted our money."

"I knew nothing about it," she answered, turning to the other side ofthe bed, that she might escape the savage glances of her husband. "Isuffer so much from your violence that I shall never leave this room,if I trust my own presentiments, till I am carried out of it in mycoffin. You ought to have spared me this suffering, monsieur,,you, towhom I have caused no pain; that is, I think so. Your daughter lovesyou. I believe her to be as innocent as the babe unborn. Do not makeher wretched. Revoke your sentence. The cold is very severe; you maygive her some serious illness."

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