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"I see the duties of a juryman act depressingly upon you." h-157 human hair wig by vivica fox

"Yes; pardon me, I am in low spirits to-day, and have no right toweary others by my presence," said Nekhludoff. human hair wigs jhb

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"Why are you in low spirits?" human hair wigs janet collection

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"Allow me not to speak about that," he said, looking round forhis hat.

"Don't you remember how you used to say that we must always tellthe truth? And what cruel truths you used to tell us all! Why doyou not wish to speak out now? Don't you remember, Missy?" shesaid, turning to Missy, who had just come in.

"We were playing a game then," said Nekhludoff, seriously; "onemay tell the truth in a game, but in reality we are so bad,Imean I am so bad,that I, at least, cannot tell the truth."

"Oh, do not correct yourself, but rather tell us why WE are sobad," said Katerina Alexeevna, playing with her words andpretending not to notice how serious Nekhludoff was.

"Nothing is worse than to confess to being in low spirits," saidMissy. "I never do it, and therefore am always in good spirits."

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