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The examination of the witnesses commenced: they were asked theirnames, religion, etc. Then, after some consultation as to whetherthe witnesses were to be sworn in or not, the old priest came inagain, dragging his legs with difficulty, and, again arrangingthe golden cross on his breast, swore the witnesses and theexpert in the same quiet manner, and with the same assurance thathe was doing something useful and important.

The witnesses having been sworn, all but Kitaeva, the keeper ofthe house, were led out again. She was asked what she knew aboutthis affair. Kitaeva nodded her head and the big hat at everysentence and smiled affectedly. She gave a very full andintelligent account, speaking with a strong German accent. Firstof all, the hotel servant Simeon, whom she knew, came to herestablishment on behalf of a rich Siberian merchant, and she sentLubov back with him. After a time Lubov returned with themerchant. The merchant was already somewhat intoxicated,shesmiled as she said this,and went on drinking and treating thegirls. He was short of money. He sent this same Lubov to hislodgings. He had taken a "predilection" to her. She looked at theprisoner as she said this. h-157 human hair wig by vivica fox

Nekhludoff thought he saw Maslova smile here, and this seemeddisgusting to him. A strange, indefinite feeling of loathing,mingled with suffering, arose in him. human hair wigs in atlanta

"And what was your opinion of Maslova?" asked the blushing andconfused applicant for a judicial post, appointed to act asMaslova's advocate.

"Zee ferry pesht," answered Kitaeva. "Zee yoong voman is etucatedand elecant. She was prought up in a coot family and can reatFrench. She tid have a trop too moch sometimes, put nefer forcotherself. A ferry coot girl."

Katusha looked at the woman, then suddenly turned her eyes on thejury and fixed them on Nekhludoff, and her face grew serious andeven severe. One of her serious eyes squinted, and those twostrange eyes for some time gazed at Nekhludoff, who, in spite ofthe terrors that seized him, could not take his look off thesesquinting eyes, with their bright, clear whites.

He thought of that dreadful night, with its mist, the icebreaking on the river below, and when the waning moon, with hornsturned upwards, that had risen towards morning, lit up somethingblack and weird. These two black eyes now looking at him remindedhim of this weird, black something. "She has recognised me," hethought, and Nekhludoff shrank as if expecting a blow. But shehad not recognised him. She sighed quietly and again looked atthe president. Nekhludoff also sighed. "Oh, if it would only geton quicker," he thought. human hair wigs in dallas texas

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He now felt the same loathing and pity and vexation as when, outshooting, he was obliged to kill a wounded bird. The wounded birdstruggles in the game bag. One is disgusted and yet feels pity,and one is in a hurry to kill the bird and forget it. human hair wigs in jackson ms

Such mixed feelings filled Nekhludoff's breast as he satlistening to the examination of the witnesses.

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