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Eugenie Grandet was now alone in the world in that gray house, withnone but Nanon to whom she could turn with the certainty of beingheard and understood,,Nanon the sole being who loved her for herselfand with whom she could speak of her sorrows. La Grande Nanon was aprovidence for Eugenie. She was not a servant, but a humble friend.After her father's death Eugenie learned from Maitre Cruchot that shepossessed an income of three hundred thousand francs from landed andpersonal property in the arrondissement of Saumur; also six millionsinvested at three per cent in the Funds (bought at sixty, and nowworth seventy-six francs); also two millions in gold coin, and ahundred thousand francs in silver crown-pieces, besides all theinterest which was still to be collected. The sum total of herproperty reached seventeen millions. human hair wigs in memphis tn

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"Where is my cousin?" was her one thought. human hair wigs in philadelphia

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The day on which Maitre Cruchot handed in to his client a clear andexact schedule of the whole inheritance, Eugenie remained alone withNanon, sitting beside the fireplace in the vacant hall, where all wasnow a memory, from the chair on castors which her mother had sat in,to the glass from which her cousin drank. h-157 human hair wig by vivica fox

"Nanon, we are alone,"

"Yes, mademoiselle; and if I knew where he was, the darling, I'd go onfoot to find him."

"The ocean is between us," she said.

While the poor heiress wept in company of an old servant, in that colddark house, which was to her the universe, the whole province rang,from Nantes to Orleans, with the seventeen millions of MademoiselleGrandet. Among her first acts she had settled an annuity of twelvehundred francs on Nanon, who, already possessed of six hundred more,became a rich and enviable match. In less than a month that good soulpassed from single to wedded life under the protection of AntoineCornoiller, who was appointed keeper of all Mademoiselle Grandet'sestates. Madame Cornoiller possessed one striking advantage over hercontemporaries. Although she was fifty-nine years of age, she did notlook more than forty. Her strong features had resisted the ravages oftime. Thanks to the healthy customs of her semi-conventual life, shelaughed at old age from the vantage-ground of a rosy skin and an ironconstitution. Perhaps she never looked as well in her life as she didon her marriage-day. She had all the benefits of her ugliness, and wasbig and fat and strong, with a look of happiness on her indestructiblefeatures which made a good many people envy Cornoiller.

"Fast colors!" said the draper.

"Quite likely to have children," said the salt merchant. "She'spickled in brine, saving your presence."

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