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"But," cried the president, "do pray attend to what I am saying.""I am at-t-tending."

"A note is merchandise,,an article of barter which rises and falls inprices. That is a deduction from Jeremy Bentham's theory about usury.That writer has proved that the prejudice which condemned usurers toreprobation was mere folly." human hair wigs in philadelphia

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"Whew!" ejaculated the goodman.

"Allowing that money, according to Bentham, is an article ofmerchandise, and that whatever represents money is equallymerchandise," resumed the president; "allowing also that it isnotorious that the commercial note, bearing this or that signature, isliable to the fluctuation of all commercial values, rises or falls inthe market, is dear at one moment, and is worth nothing at another,the courts decide,ah! how stupid I am, I beg your pardon,I aminclined to think you could buy up your brother's debts for twenty-five per cent."

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