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Grandet seized the coin and slipped it into his breeches' pocket."I shall certainly never give you anything again. Not so much asthat!" he said, clicking his thumb-nail against a front tooth. "Do youdare to despise your father? have you no confidence in him? Don't youknow what a father is? If he is nothing for you, he is nothing at all.Where is your gold?"

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"Father, I love and respect you, in spite of your anger; but I humblyask you to remember that I am twenty-three years old. You have told meoften that I have attained my majority, and I do not forget it. I haveused my money as I chose to use it, and you may be sure that it wasput to a good use,"

"What use?"

"That is an inviolable secret," she answered. "Have you no secrets?""I am the head of the family; I have my own affairs."

"And this is mine." human hair wigs greenville sc

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"It must be something bad if you can't tell it to your father,Mademoiselle Grandet." human hair wigs gumtree

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"It is good, and I cannot tell it to my father."

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