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"It must be one of your relations," remarked the president."Let us go on with our game," said Madame Grandet gently. "I know fromMonsieur Grandet's tone of voice that he is annoyed; perhaps he wouldnot like to find us talking of his affairs." human hair wigs houston texas

"Mademoiselle," said Adolphe to his neighbor, "it is no doubt yourcousin Grandet,,a very good-looking young man; I met him at the ballof Monsieur de Nucingen." Adolphe did not go on, for his mother trodon his toes; and then, asking him aloud for two sous to put on herstake, she whispered: "Will you hold your tongue, you great goose!"At this moment Grandet returned, without la Grande Nanon, whose steps,together with those of the porter, echoed up the staircase; and he wasfollowed by the traveller who had excited such curiosity and so filledthe lively imaginations of those present that his arrival at thisdwelling, and his sudden fall into the midst of this assembly, canonly be likened to that of a snail into a beehive, or the introductionof a peacock into some village poultry-yard. h-201 human hair wig by vivica fox

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"Sit down near the fire," said Grandet.

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Before seating himself, the young stranger saluted the assembledcompany very gracefully. The men rose to answer by a courteousinclination, and the women made a ceremonious bow. human hair wigs hand tied

"You are cold, no doubt, monsieur," said Madame Grandet; "you have,perhaps, travelled from,"

"Just like all women!" said the old wine-grower, looking up from aletter he was reading. "Do let monsieur rest himself!"

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