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"His dear Annette! He loves! he is loved! No hope! What does he say toher?" wigwam

These thoughts rushed through her head and heart. She saw the wordseverywhere, even on the bricks of the floor, in letters of fire."Resign him already? No, no! I will not read the letter. I ought to goaway,What if I do read it?"

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She looked at Charles, then she gently took his head and placed itagainst the back of the chair; he let her do so, like a child which,though asleep, knows its mother's touch and receives, without awaking,her kisses and watchful care. Like a mother Eugenie raised thedrooping hand, and like a mother she gently kissed the chestnut hair,"Dear Annette!" a demon shrieked the words in her ear.


"I am doing wrong; but I must read it, that letter," she said. Sheturned away her head, for her noble sense of honor reproached her. Forthe first time in her life good and evil struggled together in herheart. Up to that moment she had never had to blush for any action.Passion and curiosity triumphed. As she read each sentence her heartswelled more and more, and the keen glow which filled her being as shedid so, only made the joys of first love still more precious. wig store

My dear Annette,,Nothing could ever have separated us but the

great misfortune which has now overwhelmed me, and which no human wigtypes website reviews

foresight could have prevented. My father has killed himself; his

fortune and mine are irretrievably lost. I am orphaned at an age

when, through the nature of my education, I am still a child; and

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