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The two lovers, alarmed, fled into the hall, where Eugenie took up herwork and Charles began to read the litanies of the Virgin in MadameGrandet's prayer-book. human hair wigs honolulu

"Mercy!" cried Nanon, "now they're saying their prayers."As soon as Charles announced his immediate departure, Grandetbestirred himself to testify much interest in his nephew. He becamevery liberal of all that cost him nothing; took pains to find apacker; declared the man asked too much for his cases; insisted onmaking them himself out of old planks; got up early in the morning tofit and plane and nail together the strips, out of which he made, tohis own satisfaction, some strong cases, in which he packed allCharles's effects; he also took upon himself to send them by boat downthe Loire, to insure them, and get them to Nantes in proper time.After the kiss taken in the passage, the hours fled for Eugenie withfrightful rapidity. Sometimes she thought of following her cousin.Those who have known that most endearing of all passions,,the onewhose duration is each day shortened by time, by age, by mortalillness, by human chances and fatalities,,they will understand thepoor girl's tortures. She wept as she walked in the garden, now sonarrow to her, as indeed the court, the house, the town all seemed.She launched in thought upon the wide expanse of the ocean he wasabout to traverse. At last the eve of his departure came. Thatmorning, in the absence of Grandet and of Nanon, the precious casewhich contained the two portraits was solemnly installed in the onlydrawer of the old cabinet which could be locked, where the now emptyvelvet purse was lying. This deposit was not made without a goodlynumber of tears and kisses. When Eugenie placed the key within herbosom she had no courage to forbid the kiss with which Charles sealedthe act.

"It shall never leave that place, my friend," she said. human hair wigs from china

"Then my heart will be always there." human hair wigs from china

"Ah! Charles, it is not right," she said, as though she blamed him."Are we not married?" he said. "I have thy promise,,then take mine.""Thine; I am thine forever!" they each said, repeating the words twiceover. human hair wigs houston

No promise made upon this earth was ever purer. The innocent sincerityof Eugenie had sanctified for a moment the young man's love.On the morrow the breakfast was sad. Nanon herself, in spite of thegold-embroidered robe and the Jeannette cross bestowed by Charles, hadtears in her eyes. human hair wigs for sale near me

"The poor dear monsieur who is going on the seas,oh, may God guidehim!"

At half-past ten the whole family started to escort Charles to thediligence for Nantes. Nanon let loose the dog, locked the door, andinsisted on carrying the young man's carpet-bag. All the tradesmen inthe tortuous old street were on the sill of their shop-doors to watchthe procession, which was joined in the market-place by MaitreCruchot.

"Eugenie, be sure you don't cry," said her mother.

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