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"This difference: that I, being the cause of her getting on tothat path, must do all I can to help her." human hair wigs greenville sc

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"That is just according to your own good pleasure; you are notparticularly in fault there. It happens to every one, and ifone's reasonable, it all gets smoothed over and forgotten," shesaid, seriously and severely. "Why should you place it to youraccount? There's no need. I had already heard before that she hadstrayed from the right path. Well, whose fault is it?"

"Mine! that's why I want to put it right."

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"It is hard to put right."

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"That is my business. But if you are thinking about yourself,then I will tell you that, as mamma expressed the wish,"

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"I am not thinking about myself. I have been so bountifullytreated by the dear defunct, that I desire nothing. Lisenka" (hermarried niece) "has been inviting me, and I shall go to her whenI am not wanted any longer. Only it is a pity you should takethis so to heart; it happens to everybody."

"Well, I do not think so. And I still beg that you will help melet this lodging and put away the things. And please do not beangry with me. I am very, very grateful to you for all you havedone."

And, strangely, from the moment Nekhludoff realised that it washe who was so bad and disgusting to himself, others were nolonger disgusting to him; on the contrary, he felt a kindlyrespect for Agraphena Petrovna, and for Corney.

He would have liked to go and confess to Corney also, butCorney's manner was so insinuatingly deferential that he had notthe resolution to do it.

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