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The peasants, recognising Mary Ivanovna's nephew, led his horse,which was pricking up its cars at the sight of the lights, to adry place where he could get off, put it up for him, and showedhim into the church, which was full of people. On the right stoodthe peasants; the old men in home-spun coats, and clean whitelinen bands [long strips of linen are worn by the peasants insteadof stockings] wrapped round their legs, the young men in newcloth coats, bright-coloured belts round their waists, andtop-boots.

On the left stood the women, with red silk kerchiefs on theirheads, black velveteen sleeveless jackets, bright redshirt-sleeves, gay-coloured green, blue, and red skirts, andthick leather boots. The old women, dressed more quietly, stoodbehind them, with white kerchiefs, homespun coats, old-fashionedskirts of dark home-spun material, and shoes on their feet.Gaily-dressed children, their hair well oiled, went in and outamong them. human hair wigs erie pa

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The men, making the sign of the cross, bowed down and raisedtheir heads again, shaking back their hair. human hair wigs ebay uk

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The women, especially the old ones, fixed their eyes on an iconsurrounded with candies and made the sign of the cross, firmlypressing their folded fingers to the kerchief on their foreheads,to their shoulders, and their stomachs, and, whisperingsomething, stooped or knelt down. The children, imitating thegrown-up people, prayed earnestly when they knew that they werebeing observed. The gilt case containing the icon glittered,illuminated on all sides by tall candles ornamented with goldenspirals. The candelabra was filled with tapers, and from thechoir sounded most merry tunes sung by amateur choristers, withbellowing bass and shrill boys' voices among them. human hair wigs ebony

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