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"Not particularly. And you? Have you been to look at thepictures?" he asked. human hair wigs full lace

"No, we put that off. We have been playing tennis at theSalamatoffs'. It is quite true, Mr. Crooks plays remarkablywell." human hair wigs for sale near me

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Nekhludoff had come here in order to distract his thoughts, forhe used to like being in this house, both because its refinedluxury had a pleasant effect on him and because of the atmosphereof tender flattery that unobtrusively surrounded him. But to-dayeverything in the house was repulsive to him,everything:beginning with the doorkeeper, the broad staircase, the flowers,the footman, the table decorations, up to Missy herself, whoto-day seemed unattractive and affected. Kolosoff's self-assured,trivial tone of liberalism was unpleasant, as was also thesensual, self-satisfied, bull-like appearance of old Korchagin,and the French phrases of Katerina Alexeevna, the Slavophil. Theconstrained looks of the governess and the student wereunpleasant, too, but most unpleasant of all was the pronoun HIMthat Missy had used. Nekhludoff had long been wavering betweentwo ways of regarding Missy; sometimes he looked at her as if bymoonlight, and could see in her nothing but what was beautiful,fresh, pretty, clever and natural; then suddenly, as if thebright sun shone on her, he saw her defects and could not helpseeing them. This was such a day for him. To-day he saw all thewrinkles of her face, knew which of her teeth were false, saw theway her hair was crimped, the sharpness of her elbows, and, aboveall, how large her thumb-nail was and how like her father's. human hair wigs for sale

"Tennis is a dull game," said Kolosoff; "we used to play laptawhen we were children. That was much more amusing."

"Oh, no, you never tried it; it's awfully interesting," saidMissy, laying, it seemed to Nekhludoff, a very affected stress onthe word "awfully." Then a dispute arose in which MichaelSergeivitch, Katerina Alexeevna and all the others took part,except the governess, the student and the children, who satsilent and wearied.

"Oh, these everlasting disputes!" said old Korchagin, laughing,and he pulled the napkin out of his waistcoat, noisily pushedback his chair, which the footman instantly ,caught hold of, andleft the table.

Everybody rose after him, and went up to another table on whichstood glasses of scented water. They rinsed their mouths, thenresumed the conversation, interesting to no one.

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