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"To buy them?" said Grandet, interrupting him.

"No, uncle; only to tell me of an honest man who," human hair wigs downtown los angeles

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"Give me those things, I will go upstairs and estimate their value; Iwill come back and tell you what it is to a fraction. Jeweller'sgold," examining a long chain, "eighteen or nineteen carats."The goodman held out his huge hand and received the mass of gold,which he carried away. human hair wigs etsy

"Cousin," said Grandet, "may I offer you these two buttons? They canfasten ribbons round your wrists; that sort of bracelet is much thefashion just now."

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"I accept without hesitation," she answered, giving him anunderstanding look.

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"Aunt, here is my mother's thimble; I have always kept it carefully inmy dressing-case," said Charles, presenting a pretty gold thimble toMadame Grandet, who for many years had longed for one.

"I cannot thank you; no words are possible, my nephew," said the poormother, whose eyes filled with tears. "Night and morning in my prayersI shall add one for you, the most earnest of all,for those whotravel. If I die, Eugenie will keep this treasure for you.""They are worth nine hundred and eighty-nine francs, seventy-fivecentimes," said Grandet, opening the door. "To save you the pain ofselling them, I will advance the money,in /livres/."

The word /livres/ on the littoral of the Loire signifies that crownprices of six /livres/ are to be accepted as six francs withoutdeduction.

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