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"Monsieur le cure," said Eugenie with a noble composure, inspired bythe thought she was about to express, "would it be a sin to remain avirgin after marriage?" human hair wigs downtown los angeles

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"That is a case of conscience whose solution is not within myknowledge. If you wish to know what the celebrated Sanchez says of itin his treatise 'De Matrimonio,' I shall be able to tell youto-morrow." human hair wigs extensions

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The cure went away; Mademoiselle Grandet went up to her father'ssecret room and spent the day there alone, without coming down todinner, in spite of Nanon's entreaties. She appeared in the evening atthe hour when the usual company began to arrive. Never was the oldhall so full as on this occasion. The news of Charles's return and hisfoolish treachery had spread through the whole town. But howeverwatchful the curiosity of the visitors might be, it was leftunsatisfied. Eugenie, who expected scrutiny, allowed none of the cruelemotions that wrung her soul to appear on the calm surface of herface. She was able to show a smiling front in answer to all who triedto testify their interest by mournful looks or melancholy speeches.She hid her misery behind a veil of courtesy. Towards nine o'clock thegames ended and the players left the tables, paying their losses anddiscussing points of the game as they joined the rest of the company.At the moment when the whole party rose to take leave, an unexpectedand striking event occurred, which resounded through the length andbreadth of Saumur, from thence through the arrondissement, and even tothe four surrounding prefectures.

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"Stay, monsieur le president," said Eugenie to Monsieur de Bonfons asshe saw him take his cane.

There was not a person in that numerous assembly who was unmoved bythese words. The president turned pale, and was forced to sit down."The president gets the millions," said Mademoiselle de Gribeaucourt."It is plain enough; the president marries Mademoiselle Grandet,"cried Madame d'Orsonval.

"All the trumps in one hand," said the abbe.

"A love game," said the notary.

Each and all said his say, made his pun, and looked at the heiressmounted on her millions as on a pedestal. The drama begun nine yearsbefore had reached its conclusion. To tell the president, in face ofall Saumur, to "stay," was surely the same thing as proclaiming himher husband. In provincial towns social conventionalities are sorigidly enforced than an infraction like this constituted a solemnpromise.

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