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4. If the prisoner Euphemia Botchkova is not guilty according tothe first question, is she not guilty of having, on the 17thJanuary, in the town of N,,, while in service at the hotelMauritania, stolen from a locked portmanteau, belonging to themerchant Smelkoff, a lodger in that hotel, and which was in theroom occupied by him, 2,500 roubles, for which object sheunlocked the portmanteau with a key she brought and fitted to thelock?

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"Well, gentlemen, what do you think?" This question was quicklyanswered. All agreed to say "Guilty," as if convinced thatKartinkin had taken part both in the poisoning and the robbery.An old artelshik, [member of an artel, an association of workmen,in which the members share profits and liabilities] whoseanswers were all in favour of acquittal, was the only exception.

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The foreman thought he did not understand, and began to point outto him that everything tended to prove Kartinkin's guilt. The oldman answered that he did understand, but still thought it betterto have pity on him. "We are not saints ourselves," and he keptto his opinion.

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