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When he had taken off all his wet things and just begun to dressagain, Nekhludoff heard quick, familiar footsteps and a knock atthe door. Nekhludoff knew the steps and also the knock. No onebut she walked and knocked like that.

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Having thrown his wet greatcoat over his shoulders, he opened thedoor. human hair wigs brooklyn ny

"Come in." It was she, Katusha, the same, only sweeter thanbefore. The slightly squinting naive black eyes looked up in thesame old way. Now as then, she had on a white apron. She broughthim from his aunts a piece of scented soap, with the wrapper justtaken off, and two towels,one a long Russian embroidered one,the other a bath towel. The unused soap with the stampedinscription, the towels, and her own self, all were equallyclean, fresh, undefiled and pleasant. The irrepressible smile ofjoy at the sight of him made the sweet, firm lips pucker up as ofold.

"How do you do, Dmitri Ivanovitch?" she uttered with difficulty,her face suffused with a rosy blush. human hair wigs brooklyn ny

"Good-morning! How do you do?" he said, also blushing. "Alive andwell?" color a human hair wig

Yes, the Lord be thanked. And here is your favorite pink soap andtowels from your aunts," she said, putting the soap on the tableand hanging the towels over the back of a chair.

"There is everything here," said Tikhon, defending the visitor'sindependence, and pointing to Nekhludoff's open dressing casefilled with brushes, perfume, fixatoire, a great many bottleswith silver lids and all sorts of toilet appliances.

"Thank my aunts, please. Oh, how glad I am to be here," saidNekhludoff, his heart filling with light and tenderness as ofold. buy a human hair wig online

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