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As soon as the Funds reached a hundred and fifteen, Pere Grandet soldout his interests and withdrew two million four hundred thousandfrancs in gold, to which he added, in his coffers, the six hundredthousand francs compound interest which he had derived from thecapital. Des Grassins now lived in Paris. In the first place he hadbeen made a deputy; then he became infatuated (father of a family ashe was, though horribly bored by the provincial life of Saumur) with apretty actress at the Theatre de Madame, known as Florine, and hepresently relapsed into the old habits of his army life. It is uselessto speak of his conduct; Saumur considered it profoundly immoral. Hiswife was fortunate in the fact of her property being settled uponherself, and in having sufficient ability to keep up the banking-housein Saumur, which was managed in her name and repaired the breach inher fortune caused by the extravagance of her husband. The Cruchotinesmade so much talk about the false position of the quasi-widow that shemarried her daughter very badly, and was forced to give up all hope ofan alliance between Eugenie Grandet and her son. Adolphe joined hisfather in Paris and became, it was said, a worthless fellow. TheCruchots triumphed. human hair wigs chicago

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"Your husband hasn't common sense," said Grandet as he lent Madame desGrassins some money on a note securely endorsed. "I am very sorry foryou, for you are a good little woman."

"Ah, monsieur," said the poor lady, "who could have believed that whenhe left Saumur to go to Paris on your business he was going to hisruin?"

"Heaven is my witness, madame, that up to the last moment I did all Icould to prevent him from going. Monsieur le president was mostanxious to take his place; but he was determined to go, and now we allsee why."

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