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"Ah! Grandet," said the notary, "that would be the right thing to do.There is honor down here in the provinces. If you save your name,forit is your name,you will be a man," human hair wigs for black women

"A noble man!" cried the president, interrupting his uncle."Certainly," answered the old man, "my b-b-brother's name wasG-G-Grandet, like m-m-mine. Th-that's c-c-certain; I d-d-don'td-d-deny it. And th-th-this l-l-liquidation might be, in m-m-manyways, v-v-very advan-t-t-tageous t-t-to the interests of m-m-myn-n-nephew, whom I l-l-love. But I must consider. I don't k-k-know thet-t-tricks of P-P-Paris. I b-b-belong to Sau-m-mur, d-d-don't you see?M-m-my vines, my d-d-drains,in short, I've my own b-b-business. Inever g-g-give n-n-notes. What are n-n-notes? I t-t-take a goodm-m-many, but I have never s-s-signed one. I d-d-don't understand suchthings. I have h-h-heard say that n-n-notes c-c-can be b-b-bought up.""Of course," said the president. "Notes can be bought in the market,less so much per cent. Don't you understand?"

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Grandet made an ear-trumpet of his hand, and the president repeatedhis words.

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