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"Well, go on, as you've taken it into your head," said Grandet,pushing her by the shoulders; "but don't set things on fire." Sosaying, the miser went down-stairs, grumbling indistinct sentences.Charles stood aghast in the midst of his trunks. After casting hiseyes on the attic-walls covered with that yellow paper sprinkled withbouquets so well known in dance-houses, on the fireplace of ribbedstone whose very look was chilling, on the chairs of yellow wood withvarnished cane seats that seemed to have more than the usual fourangles, on the open night-table capacious enough to hold a smallsergeant-at-arms, on the meagre bit of rag-carpet beside the bed, onthe tester whose cloth valance shook as if, devoured by moths, it wasabout to fall, he turned gravely to la Grande Nanon and said,,"Look here! my dear woman, just tell me, am I in the house of MonsieurGrandet, formerly mayor of Saumur, and brother to Monsieur Grandet ofParis?" 9 wigeon ct riverhead ny

"Yes, monsieur; and a very good, a very kind, a very perfectgentleman. Shall I help you to unpack your trunks?" 90s wig

"Faith! yes, if you will, my old trooper. Didn't you serve in themarines of the Imperial Guard?" wig 9 ks2 narrative

"Ho, ho, ho!" laughed Nanon. "What's that,,the marines of the guard?Is it salt? Does it go in the water?" wig 9st

"Here, get me my dressing-gown out of that valise; there's the key."Nanon was wonder-struck by the sight of a dressing-gown made of greensilk, brocaded with gold flowers of an antique design.

"Are you going to put that on to go to bed with?" she asked."Yes."

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