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8 wigan street wellington

The jailer was about to lock the door when a wrinkled andsevere-looking old woman put out her grey head and began speakingto Maslova. But the jailer closed the door, pushing the oldwoman's head with it. A woman's laughter was heard from the cell,and Maslova smiled, turning to the little grated opening in thecell door. The old woman pressed her face to the grating from theother side, and said, in a hoarse voice: 8 wigan street te aro

"Now mind, and when they begin questioning you, just repeat overthe same thing, and stick to it; tell nothing that is notwanted."

"Well, it could not be worse than it is now, anyhow; I only wishit was settled one way or another." 9 wigan ave highfields

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"Of course, it will be settled one way or another," said thejailer, with a superior's self-assured witticism. "Now, then, getalong! Take your places!"

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