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He saw that Schonbock guessed his relations to her and thisflattered his vanity. 90s wig

"Ah, I see how it is you have taken such a sudden fancy to youraunts that you have been living nearly a week with them,"Schonbock remarked when he had seen Katusha. "Well, I don'twonder,should have done the same. She's charming." Nekhludoffwas also thinking that though it was a pity to go away beforehaving fully gratified the cravings of his love for her, yet theabsolute necessity of parting had its advantages because it put asudden stop to relations it would have been very difficult forhim to continue. Then he thought that he ought to give her somemoney, not for her, not because she might need it, but because itwas the thing to do. 8 wigton street ascot vale

So he gave her what seemed to him a liberal amount, consideringhis and her station. On the day of his departure, after dinner,he went out and waited for her at the side entrance. She flushedup when she saw him and wished to pass by, directing hisattention to the open door of the maids' room by a look, but hestopped her.

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"I have come to say good-bye," he said, crumbling in his hand anenvelope with a 100-rouble note inside. "There, I" . . . 99.1 wig out

She guessed what he meant, knit her brows, and shaking her headpushed his hand away.

"Take it; oh, you must!" he stammered, and thrust the envelopeinto the bib of her apron and ran back to his room, groaning andfrowning as if he had hurt himself. And for a long time he wentup and down writhing as in pain, and even stamping and groaningaloud as he thought of this last scene. "But what else could Ihave done? Is it not what happens to every one? And if every onedoes the same . . . well I suppose it can't be helped." In thisway he tried to get peace of mind, but in vain. The recollectionof what had passed burned his conscience. In his soul,in thevery depths of his soul,he knew that he had acted in a base,cruel, cowardly manner, and that the knowledge of this act of hismust prevent him, not only from finding fault with any one else,but even from looking straight into other people's eyes; not tomention the impossibility of considering himself a splendid,noble, high-minded fellow, as he did and had to do to go onliving his life boldly and merrily. There was only one solutionof the problem,i.e., not to think about it. He succeeded in doingso. The life he was now entering upon, the new surroundings, newfriends, the war, all helped him to forget. And the longer helived, the less he thought about it, until at last he forgot itcompletely.

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