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Well, I have thought over my position, and yours as well. I have 8 wigram road

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grown old in twenty-four hours. Dear Anna, if in order to keep me 8 wigan street te aro

with you in Paris you were to sacrifice your luxury, your dress,

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your opera-box, we should even then not have enough for the

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expenses of my extravagant ways of living. Besides, I would never

accept such sacrifices. No, we must part now and forever,"He gives her up! Blessed Virgin! What happiness!"

Eugenie quivered with joy. Charles made a movement, and a chill ofterror ran through her. Fortunately, he did not wake, and she resumedher reading.

When shall I return? I do not know. The climate of the West Indies

ages a European, so they say; especially a European who works

hard. Let us think what may happen ten years hence. In ten years

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