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7 wightman ct dana point ca

"Mr. Kolosoff and Michael Sergeivitch only, besides the family." 8 wigan st

A very handsome footman with whiskers, in a swallow-tail coat andwhite gloves, looked down from the landing. 8 wigan st

Please to walk up, your excellency," he said. "You are expected."

Nekhludoff went up and passed through the splendid largedancing-room, which he knew so well, into the dining-room. Therethe whole Korchagin family,except the mother, Sophia Vasilievna,who never left her cabinet,were sitting round the table. At thehead of the table sat old Korchagin; on his left the doctor, andon his right, a visitor, Ivan Ivanovitch Kolosoff, a formerMarechal de Noblesse, now a bank director, Korchagin's friend anda Liberal. Next on the left side sat Miss Rayner, the governessof Missy's little sister, and the four-year-old girl herself.Opposite them, Missy's brother, Petia, the only son of theKorchagins, a public-school boy of the Sixth Class. It wasbecause of his examinations that the whole family were still intown. Next to him sat a University student who was coaching him,and Missy's cousin, Michael Sergeivitch Telegin, generally calledMisha; opposite him, Katerina Alexeevna, a 40-year-old maidenlady, a Slavophil; and at the foot of the table sat Missyherself, with an empty place by her side.

"Ah! that's right! Sit down. We are still at the fish," said oldKorchagin with difficulty, chewing carefully with his falseteeth, and lifting his bloodshot eyes (which had no visible lidsto them) to Nekhludoff.

"Stephen!" he said, with his mouth full, addressing the stout,dignified butler, and pointing with his eyes to the empty place.Though Nekhludoff knew Korchagin very well, and had often seenhim at dinner, to-day this red face with the sensual smackinglips, the fat neck above the napkin stuck into his waistcoat, andthe whole over-fed military figure, struck him very disagreeably.Then Nekhludoff remembered, without wishing to, what he knew ofthe cruelty of this man, who, when in command, used to have menflogged, and even hanged, without rhyme or reason, simply becausehe was rich and had no need to curry favour. wig 8dn

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