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"What's the use of recalling what's past?" she remarked, drily.

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"I am recalling it in order to put it right, to atone for my sin,Katusha," and he was going to say that he would marry her, but,meeting her eyes, he read in them something so dreadful, socoarse, so repellent, that he could not go on.

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At this moment the visitors began to go. The inspector came up toNekhludoff and said that the time was up. wig 8yl

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"Good-bye; I have still much to say to you, but you see it isimpossible to do so now," said Nekhludoff, and held out his hand."I shall come again."

"I think you have said all." wig 8bj

She took his hand but did not press it.

"No; I shall try to see you again, somewhere where we can talk,and then I shall tell you what I have to say-something veryimportant."

"Well, then, come; why not?" she answered, and smiled with thathabitual, inviting, and promising smile which she gave to the menwhom she wished to please.

"You are more than a sister to me," said Nekhludoff.

"That's odd," she said again, and went behind the grating.

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