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"At ninety-nine! Are they, Cruchot?"

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"Hey, hey! Ninety-nine!" repeated the old man, accompanying the notaryto the street-door. Then, too agitated by what he had just heard tostay in the house, he went up to his wife's room and said,,"Come, mother, you may have your daughter to spend the day with you.I'm going to Froidfond. Enjoy yourselves, both of you. This is ourwedding-day, wife. See! here are sixty francs for your altar at theFete-Dieu; you've wanted one for a long time. Come, cheer up, enjoyyourself, and get well! Hurrah for happiness!"

He threw ten silver pieces of six francs each upon the bed, and tookhis wife's head between his hands and kissed her forehead."My good wife, you are getting well, are not you?" 70s wig uk

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"How can you think of receiving the God of mercy in your house whenyou refuse to forgive your daughter?" she said with emotion."Ta, ta, ta, ta!" said Grandet in a coaxing voice. "We'll see aboutthat."

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