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"Your father sees everything," said Madame Grandet, shaking her head.Nanon hesitated; she knew her master. wigtypes refund

"Come, Nanon, go,,because it is my birthday."

Nanon gave a loud laugh as she heard the first little jest her youngmistress had ever made, and then obeyed her.

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While Eugenie and her mother were trying to embellish the bedroomassigned by Monsieur Grandet for his nephew, Charles himself was theobject of Madame des Grassins' attentions; to all appearances she wassetting her cap at him. synthetic wig types

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"You are very courageous, monsieur," she said to the young dandy, "toleave the pleasures of the capital at this season and take up yourabode in Saumur. But if we do not frighten you away, you will findthere are some amusements even here." synthetic wig types

She threw him the ogling glance of the provinces, where women put somuch prudence and reserve into their eyes that they impart to them theprudish concupiscence peculiar to certain ecclesiastics to whom allpleasure is either a theft or an error. Charles was so completely outof his element in this abode, and so far from the vast chateau and thesumptuous life with which his fancy had endowed his uncle, that as helooked at Madame des Grassins he perceived a dim likeness to Parisianfaces. He gracefully responded to the species of invitation addressedto him, and began very naturally a conversation, in which Madame desGrassins gradually lowered her voice so as to bring it into harmonywith the nature of the confidences she was making. With her, as withCharles, there was the need of conference; so after a few momentsspent in coquettish phrases and a little serious jesting, the cleverprovincial said, thinking herself unheard by the others, who werediscussing the sale of wines which at that season filled the heads ofevery one in Saumur,,

"Monsieur if you will do us the honor to come and see us, you willgive as much pleasure to my husband as to myself. Our salon is theonly one in Saumur where you will find the higher business circlesmingling with the nobility. We belong to both societies, who meet atour house simply because they find it amusing. My husband,I say itwith pride,is as much valued by the one class as by the other. Wewill try to relieve the monotony of your visit here. If you stay allthe time with Monsieur Grandet, good heavens! what will become of you?Your uncle is a sordid miser who thinks of nothing but his vines; youraunt is a pious soul who can't put two ideas together; and your cousinis a little fool, without education, perfectly common, no fortune, whowill spend her life in darning towels."

"She is really very nice, this woman," thought Charles Grandet as heduly responded to Madame des Grassins' coquetries.

"It seems to me, wife, that you are taking possession of monsieur,"said the stout banker, laughing.

On this remark the notary and the president said a few words that weremore or less significant; but the abbe, looking at them slyly, broughttheir thoughts to a focus by taking a pinch of snuff and saying as hehanded round his snuff-box: "Who can do the honors of Saumur formonsieur so well as madame?"

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