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"They say here that all depends on the advocate," she began. "Apetition should be handed in, only they say it's expensive." wig 7 habits

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"Yes, most certainly," said Nekhludoff. "I have already spoken toan advocate."

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"No money ought to be spared; it should be a good one," she said. 6 wiggins road orelia

"I shall do all that is possible."

They were silent, and then she smiled again in the same way. wig 8ph

"And I should like to ask you . . . a little money if you can . .. not much; ten roubles, I do not want more," she said, suddenly.

"Yes, yes," Nekhludoff said, with a sense of confusion, and feltfor his purse.

She looked rapidly at the inspector, who was walking up and downthe room. "Don't give it in front of him; he'd take it away."

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