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Nevertheless, Charles was a true child of Paris, taught by the customsof society and by Annette herself to calculate everything; already anold man under the mask of youth. He had gone through the frightfuleducation of social life, of that world where in one evening morecrimes are committed in thought and speech than justice ever punishesat the assizes; where jests and clever sayings assassinate the noblestideas; where no one is counted strong unless his mind sees clear: andto see clear in that world is to believe in nothing, neither infeelings, nor in men, nor even in events,,for events are falsified.There, to "see clear" we must weigh a friend's purse daily, learn howto keep ourselves adroitly on the top of the wave, cautiously admirenothing, neither works of art nor glorious actions, and remember thatself-interest is the mainspring of all things here below. Aftercommitting many follies, the great lady,the beautiful Annette,compelled Charles to think seriously; with her perfumed hand among hiscurls, she talked to him of his future position; as she rearranged hislocks, she taught him lessons of worldly prudence; she made himeffeminate and materialized him,,a double corruption, but a delicateand elegant corruption, in the best taste. 7 wightman dana point

"You are very foolish, Charles," she would say to him. "I shall have agreat deal of trouble in teaching you to understand the world. Youbehaved extremely ill to Monsieur des Lupeaulx. I know very well he isnot an honorable man; but wait till he is no longer in power, then youmay despise him as much as you like. Do you know what Madame Campanused to tell us?,'My dears, as long as a man is a minister, adorehim; when he falls, help to drag him in the gutter. Powerful, he is asort of god; fallen, he is lower than Marat in the sewer, because heis living, and Marat is dead. Life is a series of combinations, andyou must study them and understand them if you want to keep yourselvesalways in good position.'" 6 wigram close

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Charles was too much a man of the world, his parents had made him toohappy, he had received too much adulation in society, to be possessedof noble sentiments. The grain of gold dropped by his mother into hisheart was beaten thin in the smithy of Parisian society; he had spreadit superficially, and it was worn away by the friction of life.Charles was only twenty-one years old. At that age the freshness ofyouth seems inseparable from candor and sincerity of soul. The voice,the glance, the face itself, seem in harmony with the feelings; andthus it happens that the sternest judge, the most sceptical lawyer,the least complying of usurers, always hesitate to admit decrepitudeof heart or the corruption of worldly calculation while the eyes arestill bathed in purity and no wrinkles seam the brow. Charles, so far,had had no occasion to apply the maxims of Parisian morality; up tothis time he was still endowed with the beauty of inexperience. Andyet, unknown to himself, he had been inoculated with selfishness. Thegerms of Parisian political economy, latent in his heart, wouldassuredly burst forth, sooner or later, whenever the carelessspectator became an actor in the drama of real life. 6 wigmore court

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Nearly all young girls succumb to the tender promises such an outwardappearance seems to offer: even if Eugenie had been as prudent andobserving as provincial girls are often found to be, she was notlikely to distrust her cousin when his manners, words, and actionswere still in unison with the aspirations of a youthful heart. A merechance,a fatal chance,threw in her way the last effusions of realfeeling which stirred the young man's soul; she heard as it were thelast breathings of his conscience. She laid down the letter,to her sofull of love,and began smilingly to watch her sleeping cousin; thefresh illusions of life were still, for her at least, upon his face;she vowed to herself to love him always. Then she cast her eyes on theother letter, without attaching much importance to this secondindiscretion; and though she read it, it was only to obtain new proofsof the noble qualities which, like all women, she attributed to theman her heart had chosen.

My dear Alphonse,,When you receive this letter I shall be without

friends; but let me assure you that while I doubt the friendship

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