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"Now, to the blessed, most pure, and most holy Mother of God,"the priest cried from the golden partition which divided part ofthe church from the rest, and the choir began solemnly to singthat it was very right to glorify the Virgin Mary, who had borneChrist without losing her virginity, and was therefore worthy ofgreater honour than some kind of cherubim, and greater glory thansome kind of seraphim. After this the transformation wasconsidered accomplished, and the priest having taken the napkinoff the saucer, cut the middle bit of bread in four, and put itinto the wine, and then into his mouth. He was supposed to haveeaten a bit of God's flesh and swallowed a little of His blood.Then the priest drew a curtain, opened the middle door in thepartition, and, taking the gold cup in his hands, came out of thedoor, inviting those who wished to do so also to come and eatsome of God's flesh and blood that was contained in the cup. Afew children appeared to wish to do so. 5 wigglesworth st somerville

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After having asked the children their names, the priest carefullytook out of the cup, with a spoon, and shoved a bit of breadsoaked in wine deep into the mouth of each child in turn, and thedeacon, while wiping the children's mouths, sang, in a merryvoice, that the children were eating the flesh and drinking theblood of God. After this the priest carried the cup back behindthe partition, and there drank all the remaining blood and ate upall the bits of flesh, and after having carefully sucked hismoustaches and wiped his mouth, he stepped briskly from behindthe partition, the soles of his calfskin boots creaking. Theprincipal part of this Christian service was now finished, butthe priest, wishing to comfort the unfortunate prisoners, addedto the ordinary service another. This consisted of his going upto the gilt hammered-out image (with black face and hands)supposed to represent the very God he had been eating,illuminated by a dozen wax candles, and proceeding, in a strange,discordant voice, to hum or sing the following words: 5 wigwam path babylon ny

Jesu sweetest, glorified of the Apostles, Jesu lauded by themartyrs, almighty Monarch, save me, Jesu my Saviour. Jesu, mostbeautiful, have mercy on him who cries to Thee, Saviour Jesu.Born of prayer Jesu, all thy saints, all thy prophets, save andfind them worthy of the joys of heaven. Jesu, lover of men."

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Then he stopped, drew breath, crossed himself, bowed to theground, and every one did the same,the inspector, the warders,the prisoners; and from above the clinking of the chains soundedmore unintermittently. Then he continued: "Of angels the Creatorand Lord of powers, Jesu most wonderful, the angels' amazement,Jesu most powerful, of our forefathers the Redeemer. Jesusweetest, of patriarchs the praise. Jesu most glorious, of kingsthe strength. Jesu most good, of prophets the fulfilment. Jesumost amazing, of martyrs the strength. Jesu most humble, of monksthe joy. Jesu most merciful, of priests the sweetness. Jesu mostcharitable, of the fasting the continence. Jesu most sweet, ofthe just the joy. Jesu most pure, of the celibates the chastity.Jesu before all ages of sinners the salvation. Jesu, son of God,have mercy on me." 5 wigs

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