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"Comme, c'est vrai," she cried, as if struck by the truth of thisremark. She was in the habit of artfully flattering all thosewith whom she conversed. "Well, and what of your picture? It doesinterest me so. If I were not such a sad invalid I should havebeen to see it long ago," she said. 5 wiget street boston ma

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"I have quite given it up," Nekhludoff replied drily. Thefalseness of her flattery seemed as evident to him to-day as herage, which she was trying to conceal, and he could not puthimself into the right state to behave politely. wig 500i dc

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"Oh, that IS a pity! Why, he has a real talent for art; I have itfrom Repin's own lips," she added, turning to Kolosoff. 5 wiggins st botany

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