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He saw that Schonbock guessed his relations to her and thisflattered his vanity.

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"Ah, I see how it is you have taken such a sudden fancy to youraunts that you have been living nearly a week with them,"Schonbock remarked when he had seen Katusha. "Well, I don'twonder,should have done the same. She's charming." Nekhludoffwas also thinking that though it was a pity to go away beforehaving fully gratified the cravings of his love for her, yet theabsolute necessity of parting had its advantages because it put asudden stop to relations it would have been very difficult forhim to continue. Then he thought that he ought to give her somemoney, not for her, not because she might need it, but because itwas the thing to do. 6 wigeon lane raymond ms

5 wigmore street

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