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Nekhludoff sat in the front row on his high-backed chair, withoutremoving his pince-nez, and looked at Maslova, while acomplicated and fierce struggle was going on in his soul. 5 wiggins st botany



The indictment ran as follows: On the 17th of January, 18,, inthe lodging-house Mauritania, occurred the sudden death of theSecond Guild merchant, Therapont Emilianovich Smelkoff, ofKourgan. w1g 6hj

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The local police doctor of the fourth district certified thatdeath was due to rupture of the heart, owing to the excessive useof alcoholic liquids. The body of the said Smelkoff was interred.After several days had elapsed, the merchant Timokhin, afellow-townsman and companion of the said Smelkoff, returned fromSt. Petersburg, and hearing the circumstances that accompaniedthe death of the latter, notified his suspicions that the deathwas caused by poison, given with intent to rob the said Smelkoffof his money. This suspicion was corroborated on inquiry, whichproved:

1. That shortly before his death the said Smelkoff had receivedthe sum of 3,800 roubles from the bank. When an inventory of theproperty of the deceased was made, only 312 roubles and 16copecks were found.

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2. The whole day and night preceding his death the said Smelkoffspent with Lubka (alias Katerina Maslova) at her home and in thelodging-house Mauritania, which she also visited at the saidSmelkoff's request during his absence, to get some money, whichshe took out of his portmanteau in the presence of the servantsof the lodging-house Mauritania, Euphemia Botchkova and SimeonKartinkin, with a key given her by the said Smelkoff. In theportmanteau opened by the said Maslova, the said Botchkova andKartinkin saw packets of 100-rouble bank-notes.

3. On the said Smelkoff's return to the lodging-house Mauritania,together with Lubka, the latter, in accordance with the attendantKartinkin's advice, gave the said Smelkoff some white powdergiven to her by the said Kartinkin, dissolved in brandy.

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4. The next morning the said Lubka (alias Katerina Maslova) soldto her mistress, the witness Kitaeva, a brothel-keeper, a diamondring given to her, as she alleged, by the said Smelkoff.

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