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The two diplomatists shook hands. The old cooper accompanied thebanker to the front door. Then, after closing it, he came back andplunged into his armchair, saying to Nanon,,

"Get me some black-currant ratafia." wig 50 ribu

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Too excited, however, to remain long in one place, he got up, lookedat the portrait of Monsieur de la Bertelliere, and began to sing,doing what Nanon called his dancing steps,,

"Dans les gardes francaises 5 wigglesworth st somerville

J'avais un bon papa."

Nanon, Madame Grandet, and Eugenie looked at each other in silence.The hilarity of the master always frightened them when it reached itsclimax. The evening was soon over. Pere Grandet chose to go to bedearly, and when he went to bed, everybody else was expected to go too;like as when Augustus drank, Poland was drunk. On this occasion Nanon,Charles, and Eugenie were not less tired than the master. As forMadame Grandet, she slept, ate, drank, and walked according to thewill of her husband. However, during the two hours consecrated todigestion, the cooper, more facetious than he had ever been in hislife, uttered a number of his own particular apothegms,,a single oneof which will give the measure of his mind. When he had drunk hisratafia, he looked at his glass and said,, 5 wigwam path babylon ny

"You have no sooner put your lips to a glass than it is empty! Such islife. You can't have and hold. Gold won't circulate and stay in yourpurse. If it were not for that, life would be too fine." 5 wigglesworth street somerville ma

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