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"Don't be troubled, Eugenie; if your father comes in, I will take itall upon myself," said Madame Grandet. 4 wigram road

Eugenie could not repress a tear. 4 wigram court old beach

"Oh, my good mother!" she cried, "I have never loved you enough."Charles, who had been tramping about his room for some time, singingto himself, now came down. Happily, it was only eleven o'clock. Thetrue Parisian! he had put as much dandyism into his dress as if hewere in the chateau of the noble lady then travelling in Scotland. Hecame into the room with the smiling, courteous manner so becoming toyouth, which made Eugenie's heart beat with mournful joy. He had takenthe destruction of his castles in Anjou as a joke, and came up to hisaunt gaily. wig 50 ribu

"Have you slept well, dear aunt? and you, too, my cousin?""Very well, monsieur; did you?" said Madame Grandet. wig 500i dc

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"I? perfectly."

"You must be hungry, cousin," said Eugenie; "will you take your seat?""I never breakfast before midday; I never get up till then. However, Ifared so badly on the journey that I am glad to eat something at once.Besides," here he pulled out the prettiest watch Breguet ever made."Dear me! I am early, it is only eleven o'clock!"

"Early?" said Madame Grandet.

"Yes; but I wanted to put my things in order. Well, I shall be glad tohave anything to eat,,anything, it doesn't matter what, a chicken, apartridge."

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